Lucie Chabot

This experienced secretary used all her talents to build the Association we know. She never expected it to become what it is today!

Lucie ChabotDaughter of Georges-Edouard Chabot and Jeannette Brousseau, and sister of the founder (Claude Chabot). She is single and was a training secretary in a school board on the south shore of Quebec City. She is the only girl and the second youngest member of a family of 6 children.

She participated in the first meeting for the formation of the Chabot Association. Like all the other participants, she did not know how much work was ahead of her. Not just paperwork, but a lot of imagination and creation. Her talents as an artist and her computer skills were put to the test during all the years devoted to the Chabot cause.

Like all other associations, a recruitment leaflet was required. We needed a magazine to keep in touch with our members. She produced the look and outline of our magazine Les Chabotteries, which is received four times a year by each member and registered at the National Library of Quebec and Canada. And to send it to the members, she created the computerized adressing system.

After three years of volunteering, we can say a big “Thank you Lucie” from those who were lucky to be close to her. Thank you from the members and thank you again from the Chabot descendants of Mathurin, the first to arrive in Canada. 




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