Coat of Arms

It was during the general meeting of October 18, 2009 that the final version of the proposed coat of arms for the Chabots of America was adopted.
Thanks to the steps taken by the founder of the Association, Claude Chabot, the Chabots were finally officially recognized as a founding family of the country!

To certify this, here is the drawing of the coat of arms as it appears in the official document issued by Canadian Heraldic Authority on October 15, 2012 sign by the Herald Chancellor, the Chief Herald of Canada and the Deputy Herald Chancellor. The coat of arms of the Chabots are recorded inVolume VI, page 185, of the Register of Arms, Flags and Badges of Canada.

Armoiries | Association des Chabot

The Motto

Getting to the bottom of things (Aller au fond des choses)

Symbolism and components of these arms

1- Top left, on a gold background, the arms of the native region of Mathurin Chabot: the Poitou. Our first ancestor came in Nouvelle-France around 1660 and settled on the Île d’Orléans in 1665.
2- Top right, on a gold background, the arms of the native region of Mary Mésangé: the Perche. She became the wife of Mathurin Chabot in 1661, in Nouvelle-France.
3- Top center, the “fleur de lys” representing France in blue and French Quebec.
4- Bottom center, a chub (named “Chabot” in heraldic), as symbolized by all the old coat of arms on a red background.
5- In the ribbon under the coat of arms, the chosen motto: “Aller au fond
des choses (Getting to the bottom of things)”.

Official documents

Below you will find a copy of the official documents issued by the Canadian Heraldic Authority. You also can download the entire coat of arms document in PDF.

Click on the pictures to view them in full size:



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