About the Association

The purpose of our association is to promote the history of our ancestors Mathurin Chabot and Marie Mésangé and their many descendants especially in America. It allows to create and maintain a link between the Chabots from Quebec, Canada, US, France and all over the world. Our website is in this respect an important tool for spreading information about and promoting the association.


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Purposes of the Association

Founded on June 1, 2007, the Association of the Chabots has the following objectives:

  1. To make a census of all the Chabots of America, including those of other names such as Chabeau, Chabau, Chabod, Royan-Chabot, etc. ;
  2. To take register all descendants of Mathurin Chabot and Marie Mésangé and build up a wedding directory;
  3. To make known the Chabots who left their mark on the Quebec, Canadian and American societies in general;
  4. To create a sense of unity, pride and belonging among its members;
  5. To constitute an archives and memorabilia;
  6. To bring each and every Chabots to discover his/her roots, to tell his/her story and encourage genealogical exchanges between members;
  7. To try to maintain and create relationships with our Mésangé and Chabot parents in France;
  8. To tell the story of those who bear or have born the Chabot surname;
  9. To honour our pioneers and recognize those Chabots who have excelled;
  10. To participate in activities to promote the Association;
  11. To keep up with our members through THE CHABOTTERIES our quarterly magazine and the website to make the information collected available;
  12. To rallies and promote various activities;
  13. To offer different promotional items in the colors of the Chabots and a genealogy service to explore the direct line ancestry;
  14. To own our coat of arms and a motto that represents us well;
  15. To have our Patent Letters from the Registraire des entreprises de Québec.


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