Claude Chabot

Founder of l’Association des Chabot and author of a data bank (digital and hard copy) about the descendants of Mathurin Chabot, first arrival and common ancestor.

Claude Chabot | Fondateur de l'Association des Chabot

Son of Georges-Edouard Chabot and Jeannette Brousseau.

It took me years to gather the names of thousands of Chabot who are the direct descendants of Mathurin in a single document. I also wanted to leave my mark. I wanted to leave a working document to those who, like me, one day, would like to discover who their ancestors were.

Each line of descent seems to have a person who wants to keep alive the history of his family. I’ve had the chance to meet many of those people, men and women. All of them with a passion for the history of their parents and grandparents, their poverty people, their resourcefulness, their courage and their faith in better days to come.

I’ve also collected thousands of photos of various Chabot as well as numerous anecdotes about their families. I’ve collected this data in a genealogy application called Brother’s Keeper.

Disease was the sparkplug for my research. It forced me to learn how to use computers and to contact thousands of people and infuse them with my passion. I wanted to bequeath to my children and grandchildren the history of their ancestors. First surprise, the brother of my grandfather had married a Chabot from a different branch of the family and one thing leading to another, I spent 17 years researching, and enjoying myself.

I found myself in this experience. And I discovered talent in many people including my sister Lucie Chabot, our first secretary, who more or less invented everything for our association, and Diane Chabot-Pard who belongs to the branch I mentioned earlier. She worked as hard as I did, I can vouch for it.




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