Maryo Tremblay

President since 2012

MEMBER no. 275

Maryo Tremblay is Rosaire Tremblay and Thérèse Chabot’s son. Here’s a couple of reasons why he wished, in my opinion, to become a member then the president of our Association.

First of all, he is a seasonned salesman who developped management and service skills. And, a significant detail, he developped, early in his life, a strong interest in genealogy and he is very proficient in computer science.

Maryo Chabot-Tremblay, président de l'Association des Chabot depuis 2012We all know how recruiting people able to keep a genealogical association running is difficult, so Maryo’s decision to take over the presidency of the Association at the 2012 annual gathering of Saint-François-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud, when I decided to retire, was received with some relief.

But there was a little problem : get everyone to accept the fact that Maryo doesn’t bear Chabot as is last name. Luckily, the majority of the members supported this choice : after all, I am a Chabot-Brousseau by my mother and in Maryo’s case, it is the reverse situation, he is a Tremblay-Chabot. And we have to acknowledge that the matrilineal lineage has been neglected, even obliterated, in traditional genealogy.

Another serious problem was about leading a board of director composed of volunteers with their own expériences, ideas and agendas. He was able to address the adverse opinions and the critiques with patience and self-control. I must admit that I was the author of some of those hard critiques and others where addressed by disagreeing members.

After 10 years of invaluable services, he is, even after a pandemic, steady as the captain of our Association. As the founder, I know what he went through and I am pleased to write this essay about a courageous, hard working and loyal man, who participated with generosity and courage to the promotion of the Chabot name.

Finally, I must highlight the help of his wife, Clémence Beaumont, who supported her husband in is mission at every gathering, through all those years.

Thank you Maryo, for your quiet strength.

Claude Chabot, member no. 1
Founder of the Association des Chabot

Claude kindly asked me to add my own voice to his speech.

For a while, I was a part of the Board of Directors led with, I must admit, remarquable skills by Maryo. He had ideas and he was not afraid to exposed and defend them. He was always trying to convince us instead of imposing his point of view.

We had our fair share of disagreements and our differences drove me away from the Association for a while. But I cooled my Chabot temper and our relationship is back to good spirits. With Claude, I am the first to acknowledge the value of the hard work he accomplished to keep the Association alive and lively, even in these hard times. He gave numeric wings to the Association and he expanded its reach way beyond what we imagined.

I join our founder to congratulate him for all those accomplishments. Congratulations Maryo!

Marcel Chabot, member no. 96


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