Léon Chabot

An accountant we could count on

MEMBER no. 43

Mr. Léon Chabot passed away on October 5, 2023, at the age of 82. At the family’s suggestion, the Association made a donation to Maison Michel Sarazin. His funeral took place on October 21, 2023.

He was the son of Albéric Chabot and Bernadette Favreau, Léon was an accountant and he had given us the gift of doing our financial statements since the beginning of the association (in 2008!) free of charge, until a few weeks before his death.

Léon Chabot, comptable de l'Association des Chabot

Every year, we would ask him again for the following year, and without hesitation he would say yes.

He was very fond of the Association, and came to every meeting with several members of his family. He was interested in genealogy in his own way. He was also the uncle of Luc Chabot, member no. 10, who was president of the Association.

Mr. Léon always worked behind the scenes. He was always available to help or give advice. I can tell you he was a true Chabot, always with his heart on his sleeve.

I know what he’d say: “There’s no need to write about me!”, but he deserved it, I can tell you.

We didn’t always make it easy for him to do our financial statements, because I’m not an accountant, but he always managed to untangle us with the patience of an angel.

I would like to thank Mr. Léon on behalf of all the Chabots for his great availability to the Association.


Maryo Chabot Tremblay, membre no. 275
Former President de l’Association des Chabot


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