Diane Chabot-Pard, GENEALOGIST


MEMBER no. 9

Since the Association foundation, many Chabot have heard of Diane a lot. Member no. 9 sinc June 13, 2007, she may not have been there for the founding meeting, but her heart was with us. Nobody knows better than me that without Diane, the Association would not be what it is today.

Diane ChabotJust like me, she learned everything about genealogy and after many hours of reading, she was able to give us numerous very interesting articles about the Chabot history. At first, it was a hobby to ease her way into retirement, but now, it is a full time job!

Married to Francois Pard, a very willing and eager husband, they visited a lot of cemeteries to take pictures of the tombstones. 

They made a trip to Western Canada to meet local Chabots. She even hosted some Chabot from the United States who came here to attend the Chabot’s annual gathering.

Digging through Ancestry has no secrets for her. Considering she understand English, she is a couple of steps ahead of me since I don’t have those abilities! 

She never missed an annual gathering and she is always so proud to explain with her laptop, to everyone who show interest, how we created our online database about Mathurin and his descendants, our common ancestor. 

I think she deserve the gold medal for the constant energy she demonstrated throughout all those years.

In the name of the great Chabot family, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Your friend,


Claude Chabot, member no. 1
Association des Chabot founding president


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