Maryo Tremblay

Personal Information

Born in 1953, in Montmagny, son of Rosaire Tremblay and Thérèse Chabot.


T.  418 440-8370


Son of Rosaire Tremblay and Thérèse Chabot, I am the second of a family of three children born in Montmagny, in the parish of Saint-Thomas de Montmagny.

I did my primary and secondary studies in Montmagny and I obtained a diploma in shoemaking after studies in Causapscal. I then opened a shoe repair shop in Montmagny. Then, I worked in several areas, especially that of sales. Currently, I am a salesperson at Club Piscine.

Married to Clémence Beaumont for almost forty-one years, I am the father of two beautiful daughters, Éliane and Émilie, and the happy grandfather of three grandchildren: Antoine, William and Jade.

My family and I now live in Lévis.

In the 1990s, I bought my first computer and it did not take me long to develop a passion for this new tool. I then became president of the Montmagny Internet Club, the goal of this club being to help members with their computers, etc. One day, while troubleshooting a member of the club who unable to open his genealogy software, the unfortunate owner of the crashed computer told me about his work in genealogy. It was from that moment, more than 15 years ago, that I became interested in this hobby, which is in fact a real discipline. I started for the fun of it and to try to find my ancestors, the Beaumont, the Chabot and the Tremblay. I devote about three hours a day to it since that time.

While looking for information on the Chabot, I met someone who told me about the Association des Chabot that a certain Claude Chabot had just founded. I contacted him and I immediately noticed that he was a true enthusiast … I had thought I was a real fan, but there I had met the real deal. I immediately became friends with him.

Knowing my commitment to the cause, Claude asked me to become president of the Association des Chabot. I agreed to get involved for a while. I am fortunate to have five experienced members at my side to support me. I will try to be worthy of a Chabot for my mother.


Family genealogy of Maryo Tremblay

  • Maryo Tremblay – August 18, 1979 – Montmagny – Clémence Beaumont
  • Thérèse Chabot – August 2, 1950 – Montmagny – Rosaire Tremblay
  • Arthur Chabot – January 7, 1919 – Montmagny – Eva Boulet
  • Magloire Chabot – February 12, 1877 – Montmagny – Marie Coulombe
  • Augustin Chabot – January 26, 1845 – Montmagny – Véronique Hérault Dominique
  • Pierre Chabot – October 8, 1770 – St-Vallier – Ursule Tanguay
  • Antoine Chabot – July 24, 1741 – St-Laurent, Î.O. – Madeleine Leclerc
  • Jean Chabot – November 17, 1692 – St-Pierre, Î.O. – Éléonore Enaud Hénaud
  • Mathurin Chabot – November, 1661 – Beauport, QC – Marie Mésangé
  • Jean Chabot – February 23, 1632 – St-Hilaire-de-Nalliers (FR) – Jeanne Rodé


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