Claudette Chabot

Personal Information

Born in 1948, in Saint-Magloire, daughter of Georges Chabot and Marie Alice Chabot.


Armagh, Qc
T.  581 909-7315


I was born in Saint-Magloire, on February 25, 1948, the daughter of Georges Chabot and Marie Alice Chabot.

My grandparents were Alfred Chabot and Delia Lacasse and Antoine Chabot and Angélina Laprise.

I studied in Saint-Magloire and I finished high school at the Polyvalente de Lévis.

My first job was as a seamstress at the company, BM Industrie, in Armagh from 1964 to 1973. My second job was at Woolco in Lévis from 1973 to 1978. I was transferred to the Woolco in Laval as assistant manager from 1978 to 1985. I finished my career on the job market as a female fashion representative from 1985 to 2002.

I came back to Armagh and retired.

Since then, I have volunteered at the CHSLD in Saint-Raphaël and the Women’s Center of Bellechasse (where I was a member of the Board of Directors). Since 2014, I have also been volunteering for ALPHA Bellechasse, where I do sewing and DIY workshops. I still volunteer at the CHSLD in Saint-Raphaël.

Claudette Chabot’s Family Tree

  • Georges Chabot — December 31, 1936 — Saint-Magloire, Bellechasse — Marie-Alice Chabot
  • Alfred Chabot — July 25, 1899 — Saint-Magloire, Bellechasse — Adélia Lacasse
  • Michel Chabot — July 8, 1856 — Saint-Lazare, Bellechasse — Philomène Bilodeau
  • Pierre Chabot — November 9, 1830 — Saint-Gervais, Bellechasse — Esther Genest-Labarre
  • Jean-Baptiste Chabot — January 8, 1781 — Saint-Charles, Bellechasse — Marguerite Lacasse
  • Pierre Chabot — April 17, 1752 — Saint-Laurent, I.O. — Thérèse Leclerc
  • Jean Chabot — April 26, 1718 — Saint-Pierre, I.O. — Marie-Madeleine Duchesne
  • Jean Chabot — November 17, 1692 — Saint-Pierre I.O. – Éléonore Énaud
  • Mathurin Chabot — November 17, 1661 — Notre-Dame de Québec — Marie Mésangé
  • Jean Chabot — February 23, 1632 — Nalliers, Poitou, France — Jeanne Rodé


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